Microwave cooking and food irradiation

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Is food irradiation dangerous? Interesting review of the evidence in Natural Life magazine. March 2013

A very lengthy article on the CureZone site about the background, workings and possible hazards of microwave cooking. 11/11

Research links consuming microwaved food to cancer – interesting assessment of the health risks inherent in microwave cooking from Natual News including a number of links to other papers. 12/10

  1. Cooking with microwaves: the downsides - John Scott 2008
    (This is part of a longer article covering all aspects of electrical sensitivity to be found in ES - General)

A lengthy article on the 'proven' dangers of microwave cooking by Anthony Wayne and Lawrence Newell as part of the Herbal Healer Academy Inc site - includes full details of the 1991 clinical trials of the Swiss food scientist Dr Hans Ulrich Hertl which were suppressed by the food industry until, in1998, the European Court of Human Rights declared this 'gagging' unlawful.

Lengthy article about the proven dangers of microwave cooking as known at the time (1994) by journalist Tom Valentine, written originally for Acres USA (North America's oldest, largest magazine covering commercial-scale organic and sustainable farming). Includes an interview with Dr Hertl (see above) plus a good deal of other information.