Seaweed - seafarms - and candida

Seaweeds or sea vegetables, which rank high as healing foods in many Eastern medicines, are harvested as a nutritional supplement in the Arctic and have been used for centuries in Ireland both as medicines and in wonderful, slathery but therapeutic seaweed baths.

But now a Northern Irish company, Dolphin Sea Vegetables, is working with the University of Ulster on a group of seaweeds whose combined anti-fungal properties look as though they may prove to be more successful in killing Candida albicans cells than conventional drug therapies.

The formulation is called Phycoplex and although development is on-going, you can buy it in its current form direct from Dolphin Sea Vegetables. It is marketed as a whole superfood and, as a ‘superfood’, it has the advantage that, while doing battle with the recalcitrant Candida albicans, it is also providing a very wide range of of high quality micronutrients.

Phycoplex costs £19.99 for a bottle of 60 capsules from 44 (0) 28 9061 7512.
As an added bonus, Phycoplex seems to have a pretty dramatic effect on the various members of the Herpes family.

Dolphin Sea vegetables has another on-going project which is being run with Queen’s University Belfast - this one to investigate the possibilities of ‘farming’ seaweeds under controlled but natural
Three years of laboratory development have now resulted in the successful establishment of an aqua-farm, which will be able, under natural conditions, to produce commercial quantities of sea vegetables year round.
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44 (0)28 9061 7512


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First Published in 2006

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