Candida albicans treatments

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Very detailed article on candida and how to treat it which originally appeared in the International Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine in 1993; now revised and updated - October 2012

Antibiotics and antifungals don't mix - Sheila Rogers of Latitudes - 2009

Seaweed and candida: Introducing a group of seaweeds able to not only kill overzealous candida albicans growth, but also to provide a wide range of micronutrients.


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Research Reports


Lavender oil has potent antifungal effect
Febuary 2011

Vitamin B3 may help combat candida
July 2010

Venus fly trap could help combat fungal infections
March 2010

Possible new candida treatment – brominated furanones
December 2009

Pumpkin skin a possible new treatment for candida
October 2009

Combatting candida - breaching the cell walls
September 2009

How the body fights off candida
September 2009

Compromising Hsp90 function may provide strategy to make antifungal drugs more effective in the treatment of candida
July 2009

Silver and teatree for candida
June 2009

Could candida succumb to alligator blood?
August 2008

Wallaby milk and the anti-candida ingredient
October 2007

New weapon against fungal infections
June 2007

New antibiotics and anti-fungals from the forest
April 2997

First Published in April 2007

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