Energy Medicine and Food Sensitivity Essences

Nicola Griffin is a nutritional therapist and has worked as an allergy therapist for over 20 years; her husband, Maurice, has a background in bio-energetic medicine. They explain the principles of energy medicine and how their food sensitivity essences harness its power.

Food Sensitivity EssencesThe active healing medium contained in the Food Sensitivity Essences is not a harsh chemical one. The working rationale of these Essences originates from the dual interactive nature of the physical world itself, and consequently that of our physical body.

The principles of energy medicine

The solid physical part of our body is an organised genetically generated biological system, possessing a complex array of orchestrated living cellular organ structures and physiology. But this dense body is also interpenetrated by a less dense energising matrix counterpart. This energising matrix is a vital nourishing force which interacts with and supports the organisation, building and maintaining of the dense (chemical-mineral) physical body.

The presence of this energising support structure is recognised in energy medicine. It is used with great healing advantage in homeopathy, flower essence and other therapies that tap into this important energy mechanism, which is essential if deeper healing is to take place.

Mainstream theoretical physicists calculate that many different dimensions are necessary to make sense of the material physical universe. The sub atomic quantum world is an alien unfamiliar place compared to the mechanical regularity of the physical world around us. For instance what is known as the 'quantum super position' means that an electron particle can exist in the room with you, now, and at the other end of the universe at the same moment! In energy medicine we say that these extra dimensions are not just academic, but are very real and vital, interpenetrating and functional within the denser material physical framework.

This is why main stream pharmaceutical, drug-based medicine is only able to target the 'dense' physical body system, which often causes bad side effects and the suppression of disease producing forces. Mainstream medicine does not recognise the existence of, and consequent necessity to treat, the very real and vital though less dense energy matrix counterpart as well. But its recognition will transform medicine once the institutional ignorance is removed, and the suggestive evidence and logical necessity for it is realised and properly thought through with 'intuitive insight and intelligence'.

Advocates of energy medicine would contest that because of this narrow, dense, one dimensional material approach, deeper healing of the human organism is prevented from taking place.

The vital force that homeopathy talks about as the active principle in the human organism, relates to the way a homeopathic or flower remedy operates as a healing vector. The purer and deeper surefire efficacy delivered by the action of these remedies, exist in the other less dense energy matrix, twin state of physical matter. This less dense energy structure is magnetically attached to and is the living essence of dense physical matter. This is why it is so important in healing practice that these two states of physical matter work together in an interactive synergy. In an analogous way to the inner skin of our dermis which interacts with the outer skin or epidermis. The epidermis is in contact with the outer physical environment, while the 'living' dermis supply’s the epidermis with vital sustenance, both are necessary for our skin organ to function as a single purposeful entity! This 'twin' energy matrix counterpart of the solid physical world, once recognised can then be utilised for deeper and lasting healing purposes.

Tapping into energetic healing

To tap into this energetic healing, the different preparation methods are as follows: 

1: Shaking a substance in dilution again and again until the required potency is arrived at, as in the case of homeopathic remedy manufacture.
2: Infusing flowers in water in the presence of sunlight in the case of flower remedies.
3: Electro-radionic transfer in the case of the Food Sensitivity Essences.

It is necessary that the energy matrix attached to a food, is first dislodged and freed from the dense heavy bonds of its physical atomic material counterpart. It is only when liberated that the food can act as a 'deep desensitising agent'. Through the dynamic medium of the Food Sensitivity Essences, it can provide an effective healing stimulus to the body’s digestion and immune system.

This now liberated healing energy matrix counterpart of a dense physical food structure is then conveyed, via the energy matrix 'twin' of the food sensitive person, by a process of 'magnetic- energy-matrix-transfer-repercussion'. So now this precisely restructured less dense 'twin' matrix energy counterpart of the dense food, is then impressed onto the solid physical biology of the human organism, and on target to act upon healing the food sensitive condition.

The Food Sensitivity Essences

All properly applied energy medicine works because of the presence of this energy matrix structural counterpart of a substance recognised for its particular healing qualities, which is liberated from its heavy chemical bonds, to be used as a dynamic healing force in the human body. In digestive and immune system food sensitivity reactions, there really needs to be a more 'holistic approach' for it to be fully efficacious, and so help overcome and heal more fully. If the chosen Food Sensitivity Essence/s are correct and possess healing affinity with the sufferer, the Essence/s can begin to resonate, first in the energy matrix “twin” and then on into the dense physical body tissue and physiology of the digestion and immune system.
Dynamic healing of the malfunctioning digestive and immune system can now occur and invigorate the whole human organism in the process.

If the sufferer’s own 'energy matrix body' is vigorous enough and if there are no constitutional blockages through certain drug over use, or deep fatigue caused by the illness, good interconnectivity between these twin physical body systems and a mutual receptivity to respond is in place. Effective healing via the 'magnetic' forces of the energy matrix twin, and into the dense physical body organism of the food sensitive person, is now able to proceed with success.

Allergic food sensitivity is when a normally healthy food has become identified as a hostile enemy invader by the body's immune system. This hostile response indicates that the body’s normal efficient digestive functioning has become compromised through certain food stresses, and is now confused and self-harmfully irrational.

The healing approach at our clinic and in the development of the Food Sensitivity Essences has been to find an effective and natural way to heal those suffering from the pain and misery caused by deeply embedded food sensitivity, and its often close association with other stress factors.

A common response experienced by the languishing sufferer of severe food sensitivity is to get into bad eating habits, with appetite perversity and addictive eating compulsions replacing normal healthy eating. This ugly situation can set in motion a vicious cycle of unwitting self destructive behaviour and harmful body responses, sometimes causing other serious disease problems, commonly weight problems and diabetes. This is when the body’s biological intelligence in the digestive and immune system area is out of sync and really needs help to get back on track and to function well again.

By taking the correctly identified Food Sensitivity Essences the troublesome food/s may then no longer be regarded as a threat to the body, but are instead recognised as a nourishing friend. It will then be possible to eat those previously reactive foods again along with other normal foods as part of a balanced healthy diet, without any adverse reaction. Desensitisation usually takes between 1-3 months, but sometimes a longer healing period is necessary. But it is suggested that you always keep a friend in your pocket in case any of your old symptoms return.

The Food Sensitivity Essences have been specifically formulated to target and heal the delayed and more chronically persistent under par symptoms, typically of tiredness, headaches, joint pains and IBS that are associated with the IgG food triggered immune response. With chronic food sensitivity symptoms, the important relationship between the foods we eat and the body’s acceptance of those foods is somehow thrown into a state of confusion and digestive immuno conflict.

Our clinic philosophy is that when peace and functional sanity is finally restored to a conflicted digestion and immune system, the previously unpleasant ravaging effects of food sensitivity will then disappear. As the food and body become good companions.

For further information on how to take the Food Sensitivity Essences please see our uk.

July 2014

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