Energy medecine

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Energy Medicine and Food Sensitivity Essences. Nicola Griffin is a nutritional therapist and has worked as an allergy therapist for over 20 years; her husband, Maurice, has a background in bio-energetic medicine. They explain the principles of energy medicine and how their food sensitivity essences harness its power. July 2014

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can be used to reduce or banish phobias to needles, or worms, thereby allowing you to access treatments which could help your condition but which you might otherwise never be able to face. John Scott explains. March 2011

Healing machines – Alberto Rivas, whose wife has allergies, food intolerance, IBS, IBD, MCS and CFS, explains how they use three Bioaktiv machines to support her health. 2010

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT has been hailed as the most powerful new technique in complementary medicine, able to resolve a wide range of both physical and emotional/psychological problems. Homeopath Patty Hemingway who has been using EFT for some time in her practice, explains what it is and how it works. 2009