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Alberto Rivas, whose wife has allergies, food intolerance, IBS, IBD, MCS and CFS, explains how they use three Bioaktiv machines to support her health.

Due to an excessive use of anitiotics, 15 years ago, my wife stepped onto the slippery road of sterile gut, impaired digestion, food intolerances, allergies, chemical sensitivities and chronic fatigue: in simple terms, a compromised immune system.

Since then, we have followed many avenues and adopted a number of procedures in order to manage her health problems without too many visits to doctors and chemists, and I would like to tell you about a group of three 'machines', or health tools, that we have found invaluable in achieving our goals. They are all manufactured in Germany by Medea 7 Bioaktiv with whom we have no connection, either financial or otherwise.

Whilst over 100,000 of these devices have been sold in Germany, they are not well known elsewhere because the manufacturer has never bothered to expand or advertise abroad.

These machines work on the theory that there is, around us and inside us, a vital energy referred to as orgone energy, which is the basis of all life. Proponents of this theory claim that every living cell vibrates at a specific personal frequency and that disease only appears when this particular frecuency in the cell is disturbed, usually due to external agents such as viruses, bacteria, or parasites, etc.

As the disease progresses, the body needs more orgone energy to try to correct these imbalanced vibration rates. If the body can produce it, the disease is cured; otherwise, the cell starts to decay and become diseased.

The Bioaktiv machines are supposed to provide the body with this general vital energy and the specific healing vibrations that it might need to heal itself.

As my wife and I were already familiar with vibrational and energy medicine, homeopathy, bioresonance, radionics, and radiesthesia we were immediately interested when she was treated using these machines two years ago, so we bought the 3 of them from the orgoneshop and have been using them ever since with great results.

The machines in detail.

l. Orgonstrahler or orgone radiator. This consists of a pointed hollow cylinder containing quartz stones, connected by cable to a container cup. The machine:

a) accumulates orgone energy existing outside the body and radiates this energy into the body;
b) transmits specific vibrations into the body to heal particular diseases or correct inbalances in mind or body.

The orgone radiator can also irradiate the body with the vibrations of medicines, homeopathic remedies, Bach flower remedies and other healing agents. It can do this either by transmitting the vibration of the remedies directly into the body, or to a 'messenger' substance, such as water to drink, cream to apply, a gem stone to wear, or a piece of copper to stick on the body. This messenger is potentiated following homeopathic principles, thus gaining in strength.

By using radionics you can also irradiate a sample, such as a patient's hair, and the healing will be transmitted to the patient via the sample, irrespective of where he or she is.

And, finally, by using bioresonance, you can take your own faulty vibrations, correct them and radiate them back into your body.

2. The schwingspotenzierer or vibration generator This is a sphere with 7 small dials connected by cable to a copper plate. Each dial has 22 possible numbered positions and, by moving these, you can create specific 7 digit combinations of vibrations (called rates) which are then transmitted by the cable to the copper plate.

The patient can receive the radiation of these rates by placing the orgone radiator on the copper plate and pointing it towards themselves, in which case they will also receive orgone energy. Placing the patient's hand directly on the plate will result in them receiving only the healing rates.

Alternatively, as was explained above in respect of the orgone radiator, the required rates can be transmitted directly to the patient, via a messenger substance, or, using radionics, to someone at a distance.

Irradiation is usually carried out for 10 minutes, although the optimum period can be established using radiesthesia. Or time can be save by using the third machine, mentioned below.

There is a 635 page book with over 11,000 of these 7 digit groups of numbers corresponding to all types of diseases, ailments, organs, allergies, emotions, imbalances, herbs, healing remedies etc. This enables identification of the rates or combinations representing the healing required. Whilst this book is n German, the different diseases or conditions are identified with only 2 or 3 words each, so one can get by with a German/English dictionary.

3. The Orgon-Hulsen or orgon sleeve. This accelerates the speed of transmission of rates to a messenger, thus reducing the radiation time from 10 minutes to only 30 seconds. This is a useful option when you want to transmit several different rates to a single messenger or to potentiate it using homeopathic principles.

Sealed glass ampoules are available holding up to 80 different rates (combinations of 7 digits) each, for particular illnesses. You can buy blank ampoules and fill them with the different rates needed for your specific disease(s) or requirements. With the Hulsen device only 30 seconds are required to transfer each rate to the ampoule, instead of 10 minutes.

In addition to the German book mentioned above, there is also a 100 page booklet in English with explanations about the machines and instructions for their use.

These machines have literally been a lifesaver for my wife because she cannot take any more antibiotics. If we sense a cold starting, we irradiate with saliva, if a urine infection ,with urine, or the homeopathic energy of the antibiotics, etc., etc.

We have made our own collection of general ampoules with several rates each, valid for our particular needs: stomach, liver, kidney, digestion, heart, bones, eyes, virus bacteria, etc. However, as my wife has recently started helminthic therapy, there is one ampoule that we cannot use now: parasites! We do not want to kill our new little friends!

At the moment, our machines are controlling the inflammation my wife is experiencing as a result of IBS and IBD, obviating the need for any medication.

Good luck and good health to all.


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