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Can the homeopathic process of potentisation enable water to record information about material placed in it? Experiment carried out by Luc Montagnier (winner of a Nobel Prize for discovering the AIDS virus) suggests that it can. July 2014 See here for the report.

A review of homeopathic research in the light of 'perceived ideological bias'. January 2014

Pharmaceutical industry funding for anti-homeopathic groups revealed. September 2012

The new Medicines Act proposals, although welcome in many ways, are putting access to homeopathic medicines under serious threat. 05/12

Long article in Natural News by Dana Ullman on a major report for the Swiss Government which found that homeopathy was cost effective in comparison with conventional medical treatments and with other alternative and complementary treatments. 04/12

Treating chronic diarrhoea with homeopathy – an interesting case history from the Townsend Letter 11/10

Alternatives to Calpol – Patty Hemingway suggests that Calpol may do more harm than good, especially to allergic children, and that homeopathy offers safe and effective alternative remedies. 10/10

Homeopathy  dramatically reduced the incidence of Leptospirosis in Cuba

Supercomputer Provides New Insights Into the Vibrations of Water. The 'choreography' of pure water and the perturbation caused to this by added substances reveals plenty of opportunity for a 'homeopathic effect'.

Homeopathic remedies to treat insect stings and bites – helpful suggetions from Natural News.

Molecular genetic discoveries: towards a better understanding of homeopathy. An interesting article in the March 10 issue of Positive Health by Dr Peter Kay describing recent studies that show that in the laboratory highly diluted and dynamized (potentized) substances can activate beneficial genes and affect gene expression. 03/10

ADHD and homeopathy – 1/10

Links to a series of interesting articles on homeopathy

Homeopathic desensitisation – a way to enable you to eat foods which you could not otherwise tolerate – John Scott explains – 2009

The homeopathic treatment of childhood eczema – Patty Hemingway - 2009

Homeopathy and Allergy: a report on a conference run by the British Homeopathic Association on how homeopathy can be used to treat allergies – Cressida Boyd 2008

Homeopathy for Asthma: A success story and detailed information about the use of homeopathy in alleviating a variety of allergy symptoms – Victoria Vaughan 2007

Dana Ullman's Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy presents a strong case for this internationally respected, but often misunderstood, medical practice.


Research Reports

Homeopathy for Allergic Rhinitis: A Systematic Review. Feb 2017
This article reviews the results of eleven trials of homeopathic remediesfor allergic rhinitis. ‘The single trial with reliable evidence had a small positive treatment effect without statistical significance.’ Due to the questionable quality of most of the research, the authors conclude that the usefulness of homeopathy for rhinitis remains unclear.

Homeopathic treatment of allergies in a multicentre study – 07/12

Homeopathy shown to be effective for atopic dermatitis in two studies here and here - 01/12 & 05/12

How healthy are chronically ill patients after eight years of homeopathic treatment? Results from a long term observational study. Claudia M Witt, Rainer L?dtk2, Nils Menglr1 and Stefan N Willih1 BMC Public Health 2008 12/08

Homeopathic dilution of Aconitum napellus shown to be more effective than placebo in clinical trial

Two new studies conclude that a review which claimed that homeopathy is just a placebo, published in The Lancet, was seriously flawed.

Homeopathy – quackery or a key to the future of medicine?

Healing with homeopathy

Dana Ullman presents a strong case for homeopathy
(10/07) JS

A solution to the riddle of homeopathy one step closer
(01/07) JS


Articles on homeopathy



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