Meditation adds brawn to the brain


On the subject of brains.....

Over the last few decades, a substantial body of research evidence has built up that demonstrates how regular meditation can be of benefit in a wide range of illnesses. Now, a study carried out at Massachusetts General Hospital (part of Harvard Medical School) suggests that meditation may actually change the structure of the brain.

Using standard MRI to produce detailed images of the brains of 35
subjects, the researchers observed an increase in size of the cerebral cortex (the outer layer of the brain, which is associated with attention and sensory processing) in those with an average of nine years’ meditation experience.

Of particular significance is the fact that, in one area associated with the integration of emotional and cognitive processes, the greatest increase was seen in the older participants, suggesting that meditation may be an effective means of offsetting the thinning of the cortex, which typically occurs with ageing. Read more.

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First Published April 2006

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