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The Anti-Virals in our Kitchen – Home Treatment for Virus infections – Dr Diana Samways MBBS. January 2013

Chiropractor uses spinal adjustments to treat allergies – interesting post suggesting that relieving pinched nerves in misaligned vertebrae can help boost immune function and thereby reduce allergies. Febuary 2012

Bentonite clay – intersting article in Natural News highlighting many beneficial uses for Bentonite clay
June 2011

Antibiotics offer benefits with significant risks – 2010
While taking an antibiotic can, in some circumstances, be a life-saving intervention, over half of all antibiotics cause adverse reactions. They also inevitably lay waste vast numbers of indigenous intestinal microorganisms, a loss from which we may only slowly, and possibly never completely recover...

Alternative antibiotics – 2007
John Scott looks at some alternative, non-drug-based natural antibiotics for those with a drug sensitivity, an intolerance to any of the many excipients used in drug manufacture or any problems with compromised gut flora, they can create far more problems than they solve.

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First Published in 2007

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Research Reports

The healing power of hydrogen peroxide
May 2011

Non-traditional therapy is effective as pain management
March 2009

Thirty-eight percent of adults and 12% of children in the US use complementary and alternative medicine.
December 2008

A two-day World Health Organization (WHO) event, agreed that member states should expand traditional medicine in their health care systems and that blending traditional and Western medicine could make each more effective.
November 2008

Better than sedatives: acupressure calms children before surgery
October 2008

Nerve stimulation therapy can alleviate chronic headache pain
October 2008

Non-invasive treatment for depression - clinical trials of transcranial magnetic stimulation
October 2008

Licking wounds - the healing properties of saliva
September 2008

Relaxation response can influence expression of stress-related genes
July 2008

Complementary therapies under threat
July 2008

Natural asthma remedies
September 2007


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