Essential fatty acids

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The DOLAB studies– Omega 3 status really does affect childhood learning and behaviour. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson reports. September 2013

Long chain omega 3 fatty acids – what does the future hold? Professor Jack Winkler. June 2013

Omega 3 fatty acids and hyperbaric oxygen used to heal two horrific brain injuries. October 2012

Fats Matter.  Margaret Moss looks at the crucial role played by fats in inflammation and, therefore, allergy. August 2011

Coconut oil for Alzheimer's. In a lengthy piece on the Dr Mercola site suggests that the medium chain triglycerides in which coconut oil abounds may be helpful in preventing, or even reversing, Alzheimer's disease. December 2010

A Celebration of DHA: 40 years ago, evidence began to show a special role for DHA as a brain selective nutrient. This conference has brought together research from the intervening decades, and the consolidation of this knowledge is hoped to inspire action to preserve and restore marine resources and the marine-to-human food chain – May 2010 – Cressida Boyd

Coconut oil and medium chain triglycerides – Dr Bruce Fife – 2009

Information on Omega 3s - A site run by a group of US universities, institutes and healthcare providers.

A good general introduction to Omega 3s from the National Center for Complementary Medicine July 2009

Omega 3s: A look at omega 3 and fatty acids and current thinking on how they relate to food allergy and intolerance – Miriam Polunin 2004


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Can Early Omega-3 Fatty Acid Exposure Reduce Risk of Childhood Allergic Disease? July 2017
This interesting review study (full-text available) reviews the current state of the research looking at omega 3 consumption and the development of allergic disease. Consumption of oily fish and/or fish oils in pregnancy may reduce the risk of infants going on to develop allergic diseases. This is an important study that highlights a practical step pregnant women may want to take to reduce allergic risk in their offspring.

Supplementation of pregnant mothers with Omega 3 fatty acids does not appear to reduce risk of allergy in first 3 years. September 2013

Omega-3 fatty acids might help alleviate allergic disease August 2012

N-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids do not reduce allergy risk in infants
January 2012

Mother’s diet influences baby’s allergies
September 2011

Omega 3s lower inflammation and anxiety in medical students
July 2011

Omega-3s: more evidence they prevent several forms of blindness
Febury 2011

Omega-3 fatty acids prevent and may reverse gum disease
November 2011

Krill oil improves clinical scores in ADHD
November 2010

CLA supplementation can help overweight asthmatics 
July 2010

Individuals at extremely high risk of developing psychosis appear less likely to develop psychotic disorders following a 12-week course of fish oil capsules containing omega-3 fatty acids – report in Science Daily Febaury 2010

Fish oil is better than soya oil for intensive care patients on intravenous feeds.
January 2010

Fish roe the best source of Omega3 fatty acids
December 2009

Omega 3 fatty acids can control gene expression
November 2009

Excess omega 6 fatty acids really do cause allergy

September 2009

More support for fish oils
June 2010

Can an omega-3 fatty acid slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease?
May 2007

Parenteral Nutrition improved by Omega 3
April 2007

Omega 3 fatty acids appear to improve mood by causing structural changes in the brain
March 2007

This little piggy boosts brain power
June 2006

First Published in June 2006

Articles on essential fatty acids

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