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Gluten-free protein blends for innermost health!

Innermost makes a range of lactose, gluten & soy-free and vegetarian superfood protein blends and superfood infused boosters, with the HEALTH blend and booster being vegan. Available online, prices start at £3 for a 40g sample.
28th September 2016

omni-superfoods-08-165th August 2016
Gluten free and vegan, OMNI Superfood can be blended into smoothies for a nutritious shake - suitable for raw foodies too - OMNI Superfood comes in specifically tailored two varieties - for Women & for Men - and is availble online costing between £20-£59 for 1 week - 4 weeks' supply.




28th October 2015essential-nutrition
Essential Nutrition have two interesting products: Vanilla Whey, a sugar and gluten free hydrolyzed whey protein isolate with bioactive collagen, a source of essential branched-chain amino acids; and Sweetlift Cook, a culinary sweetener derived from natural sources made for cooking and baking. Available online, prices vary.


floradix-9-1516th September 2015
Floradix have just brought out a gluten, lactose and nut free liquid formula Kindervital for Children with 9 essential vitamins for children, herbal extracts for a healthy digestion and calcium for healthy bones. Avaiable in 250ml or 500ml bottles, costing approximately £9.39 or £15.29 from Amazon, Boots, Holland & Barrett and other health food stores.



15th September 2015alchemy-blends-9-15
Alchemy Organic Super Blends brings the combined qualities of nature's most nutrient rich plants in 4 convenient blends. Vegan plant protein and superfoods are expertly blended by our nutritionist to help common health needs: energy, nutrient boost, sport's recovery and anti ageing support. Available online, quote FREEFROM20 for a special 20% off their 300g packs.

Pulsin 19th October 2015
Nutrigold has launched new Omega 3-rich OmegaBears - soft chewy, gluten, wheat, lactose and nut free gummy bears with a fruity orange-raspberry flavour delivering bioavailable omega 3 essential fatty acids in phospholipid form.

90 capsules available online for £18.96.


29th July 2015
Wild Nutrition Food-State B Complex Plus
Nutritionist Micki Rose reviews a freefrom 'food state' supplement aimed at those coping with stress and needing more energy ? so most of us then! She discusses whether 'food state' supplements do deliver more than 'regular' ones and whether supplements originally based on allergens such as yeast or dairy are safe for those with allergies.


27th June 2015
Pulsin launched a new organic gluten free whey protein powder. Costs approximately £16.99 for 250g and £49.99 for 1kg.

Grey salt

27th June 2015
Transylvanian Natural Grey Salt, from the Transylvanian Salt Mine at Praid, which is world famous for its salt water spa and underground salt treatment. The open-air swimming pool filled with salt-loaded water from the mine is a very helpful treatment for rheumatism and skin conditions. The beneficial effect of the salt bath may be felt on the whole body, healing, calming, physically and psychically relaxing, it has powerful antiseptic and sterilizing properties. The gigantic salt halls are 120m below the Earth’s surface, and have 2500-3000 visitors daily. The underground treatment is based on breathing in the air in the salt mine, being very beneficial for respiratory diseases, such as asthma, bronchitis, allergies and skin problems. Encouraged by the success of this treatment, the family company have created salt cabins and a home salt therapy device which mimic the underground salt microclimates, as well as salt products for consumption, bathing, sleeping etc. The rock salt is rich in magnesium, calcium, iron, and is free from potassium, iodine, bromide, chemicals and anti caking agents.

The range:
- Transylvanian natural grey for cooking
- Special Superior Gourmet Salts made by us with unique method from salt water spring water
- Bath Salts with Essential Oils from our therapeutic salt
- Herbal Bath Salts using old herbal recipes for different conditions (eczema and skin problems, rheumatism and joint inflammation, kidney, gynecological, immune system, respiratory system etc.)
- Salt & Aromatherapy shower head with salt pastilles (invented by us)
- Salt Pillows 
- Salt Soap for skin problems
- Ancient facial salt mask
- Salt Cabins for Home, for Kindergartens and for public institutions like elderly care centers who need it most.
- SaltAir home salt therapy device (invented by us)
Transylvanian Natural Grey Salt is available online from  www.transylvaniansalt.com and on amazon.co.uk 

Chia seed

15th April 2015
Indigo Herbs is launching a range of vegan protein powders designed to support athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a dairy-free or vegan diet. The range includes ingredients such as pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, pea, brown rice and hemp seeds, processed to extract the protein from the plant, leaving a product which in some cases contains levels as high as 60 per cent protein. Intended to be blended into a post-workout smoothie or plant milkshake (using soya, almond, hemp, coconut or oat milk), they will help with the essential repair and rebuilding of muscle that takes place after exercise. Available online, prices start at £3.49 for 100g.

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