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Nutritional supplements for skin health – part 2. Alex Gazzola looks at what 'freefrom' liquid supplements are on the market to help sensitive and problem skins. April 2014

Nutritional supplements for skin health. Alex Gazzola looks at what 'freefrom' supplements are on the market to help sensitive and problem skins. March 2014

Food intolerance is a complicated business and replacing nutrition lost on an exclusion diet may involve 'going exotic'. Margaret Moss explains. November 2013

Human nutrition through the 'seven ages'. The McCarrison Society conference – October 2012

Supplements: The Real Story. Natural or Synthetic? Foods or Tablets? - from the Orthomolecular News Service. Febuary 2012

Free, peer-reviewed nutritional medicine research online – when you doctor says he/she has never seen good research showing that vitamins work therapeutically, suggest they follow the links from this article. From the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service.

Overcoming bias against Nutritional Medicine – commentary by Andrew W. Saul, editor of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service.

Radioactive Fallout: Can Nutritional Supplements Help? A Personal Viewpoint by Dr Damien Downing. May 2011

Grain and Corn Free Supplements: A Nightmare! Micki Rose explains why and what you can do about it. May 2011

Women, young and old, are worryingly short of nutrients – Micki Rose explains. August 2010

Pills or food? A useful reference website. July 2010

Nutrition and Addiction: promoting recovery through nutritional and lifestyle interventions. Conference. Cressida Boyd reports. May 2010

Foods for optimal health – John Scott reviews Patrick Holford's 100% Health Survey which cuts across much conventional dietary wisdom Viz: nuts and seeds, often avoided because of their high fat and calorie content, prove excellent predictors of good health while wheat and milk, considered by many to be staples, are associated with poor health. January 2010

Lectins. Many of us have heard of them but few really know what they are and how they can affect our health. By Margaret Moss. 2009

Rotating cabbage and linseeds: managing food sensitivities with a rotation diet, by Nicki Greenham. 2009

Food, behaviour and the junk food generation: Cressida Boyd reports on the FABResearch held in Brighton in March. April 2009

The Ketogenic Diet: explaining the precision diet formulated to help control epilepsy. By Ruti Chang. 2009

Paediatric Nutrition. Medical conference organised by the McCarrison Society ( and the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition. David Marsh reports. 2009

Nutrition in old age: how micronutrient malnourishment among the elderly makes a heavy contribution to illness and unnecessary hospitalisation. By Margaret Moss. 2007

Eat right to digest right: an exploration into why we are seeing an increasing number of patients with excellent diets who also suffer from blood sugar problems and inflammatory disease. By Marion Kirkham. 2004

From Mycopryl to Duocap: the development of Australian firm Biocare. By Michelle Berriedale-Johnson. 2004

Dietetics and nutrition: contrasting views on nutrition with contrasting views on food allergy and intolerance. Frances Dale reports. 2002


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Research references are listed, as nearly as possible, by the dates on which the research was first published or brought into the public domain.
Clicking on the title of the research will take you either to a precis of the findings (with further links to the relevant source material) or directly to that source material.

Because many original research papers remain restricted by publishers it is not always possible to link visitors to the original research so the links that we give will normally be to the 'second level' reports from reliable and respected sources such as MedicalNewsToday, WebMD, MedPage Today and Medscape.

New website to streamline nutrition data use by researchers. February 2015

Nutritional, food safety benefits of organic farming documented by major study. July 2014

Colostrum for skin conditions and heat induced gut disorders? July 2011

Nutritional supplements and fortified foods intended to boost immunity may make asthma flare-ups worse. June 2011

Food allergies/sensitivities can inhibit weight loss. April 2009

A different approach to treatment of phenylketonuria. February 2009

Could candida succumb to alligator blood? July 2008

Candida rising. May 2008

Research could shed light on allergy sufferers and candida. July 2008

Probiotics have a tangible effect on the metabolism. January 2008

Studies show natural trans fats aren't as risky to heart as artificial trans fats. March 2008

Broccoli may help boost the aging immune system. March 2008

Raw milk has nutritional benefits and could possibly help prevent allergies. March 2008


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