Nutiva Hemp Seeds

Micki Rose says:

Hemp is a good low allergenic-potential protein, mineral and omega fatty acid source and I recommend it.

This is a good version because of how it has been produced. It is important that the seeds are processed using very little heat because the beneficial oils in them would be altered otherwise, causing trans-fat production. Similarly, they are prepared in an oxygen-controlled environment which means there is less oxidation of the oils. To keep this going, you need to keep the bag sealed and in the fridge once opened.

The level of protein can vary depending on the product and here it is a useful 22% according to the label. However, there is some question over the 'BV' quality of hemp generally. BV stands for the Biological Value of a protein and is a measure used by some to assess how 'useable' a protein is in the body. Hemp has a BV of about 50 or so (records vary, as always). Compare that to whey at 103, egg white at 100, beef around 80 and my favourite veg protein sources: rice at 83 and pea at 65.

From a fatty acid point of view, hemp is pretty balanced between omega 6 and 3, although most of the population is thought to need much more omega 3 than 6 in our current Western diet. Flax and pumpkin seeds are higher in omega 3 but hemp is a good source of both with a really useful amount of omega 3, unlike some other seeds which tend to be very omega 6 heavy with no omega 3 to offset it.

What I really like about hemp seeds is that they provide an easy boost for magnesium, zinc and iron; minerals that many on restricted diets particularly need.

Overall, I would say this is a very sensitively-made product which is likely to have the nutrition of the seeds intact. It is a useful and easy addition to the diet for added protein, fatty acids and minerals.

Nutrition Tip:
Use as part of a mix of different seeds and nuts to get a variety of nutrient profiles in one easy spoonful, or alternate your seed mixes day to day. Sprinkle on your (cooled) breakfast, in your smoothies and use in raw nut & seed bars. Keep sealed in the fridge to maintain the oxygen-free cold environment.

Available to buy in 30g (£1.29) or 227g (£6.99) bags from Nutiva's UK website.



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