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Benefits of kefir - long post on Jen Reviews from New Zealand on the many and various benefits of kefir. May 2018

Marine phytoplankton: Harnessing the Nutritional Power of the Oceans Piers More Ede has suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for over 20 years. Of the many hundreds of supplements that he has swallowed over those years, phytoplankton – a vegan fish oil!! – has proved to be by far the most effective. So much so that he is now selling it and is offering Foodsmatter readers a 10% discount.

Wild harvesting seaweed in County Sligo with Prannie Rhatigan. April 2017

A short video by Sue Cane on making kefir. January 2014

How to make kefir. Gill Jacobs explains how best to make, keep and use kefir. September 2013

A lengthy blog post on the story of fermentation, the unami factor, glutamate and MSG - on the Guardian Express. July 2013

Interesting discussion as to whether green tea could be harmful for someone with an autoimmune disorder. January 2009

The Seaweed Health Foundation – seaweed's future – Dr Craig Rose enthuses about seaweed's 'big' future. Febuary 2012

The Seaweed Health Foundation – executive director, Dr Craig Rose describes what the foundation does and some of the health benefits of seaweed. October 2011

Excellent long article on fermentation in the Washington Post – September 2010

Wild Fermentation – Philip Ridley of the Weston Price Foundation, who are staging the fermented food day on July 2010 ), explains something about the history of fermented food in health.

Rye Grass accused of being 'novel food' and those who sell it of committing a criminal offence. The background and the verdict. 2009

The nutritional re-balancing potential of seaweed - Simon Ranger of Seagreens investigates. 2009

Wheatgrass – nature’s finest medicine: what is contained in this complete food supplement and how it can help those with allergies and intolerances – Sarah Merson 2007

Honey help: how the properties in honey make it an excellent topical dressing for wounds, and the research on its anti-inflammatory properties that could benefit allergics – Michelle Berriedale-Johnson 2007

Succulent seaweed: what it is about the Arctic wrack seaweed that entices the local animal population to the shore to consume it – Frances Dale talks to Simon Ranger 2006

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Researchers have found that digested coconut oil inhibits the growth of common bacteria that cause tooth decay and could be an effective alternative to chemical additives in dental hygiene products. A DIY version of the product used in this study can be made very easily by mixing the contents of a digestive enzyme capsule with liquefied coconut oil and using this mixture to brush your teeth and tongue. September 2012

Seaweeds could be used as anti-microbials and anti-oxidants in food manufacture.
July 2011

Ginger reduces muscle pain caused by eccentric exercise
October 2010

Cinnamon and honey
September 2010

Spices halt growth of breast stem cells
August 2010

Scientists discover olive oil directly impacts genes to halt inflammation
July 2010

Beetroot juice lowers blood pressure
June 2010

Seagreens trialled as a substitute for salt in bread
September 2010

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