Nutrigold Vitamin D3 Peppermint Spray

Micki Rose says:

There are tons of colds around at the moment and many experts think that those of us who live in more Northern climes become more vulnerable to viruses generally in the darker months because we don't generate as much Vitamin D as we do in summer. Makes sense to me.

So, it is useful to have a nice pepperminty mouth spray that delivers a good amount of Vitamin D3 to keep us topped up and have a fresh mouth at the same time! Each spray delivers 1000iu (25mcg) D3 and there are a whopping 850 sprays in each atomiser, so that should keep you going all winter!

Having it as a spray, I would also imagine might be useful when you feel that tickly throat thing right at the beginning of a cold. Squirting D3 straight onto the virus-replicating site can only help.

In terms of allergens, I checked that the xylitol is from hardwoods (birch or beech) rather than from barley or wheat, which it can sometimes be. The triglycerides are from coconut and palm oil and the Vitamin E (tocopherol) is synthetic, so not wheatgerm or soya. The lecithin is derived from sunflower too, so is a nice change from soya, for those who are sensitive to that. It is dairy free, I am told, and is only not given vegan status because D3 comes from lanolin in sheep's wool, which it does in most D3 supplements.

Nutrition Tip:
My usual advice with Vitamin D is to test and see where you are with it and then take as much as you need to bring levels up to protective, but safe amounts. You can have too much of a good thing with Vitamin D, so it is always worth looking and you can do that with a simple fingerprick test nowadays. Read here for recommendations on dosages etc from the Vitamin D Council.

A 100ml spray costs £29.88 from Nutrigold

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