Nutrigold Zym-Otic Enzymes

Micki Rose says:

Most ‘sensitives’ have a problem with malabsorption in some way. That can either be a functional issue like the villi flattening you see in coeliac disease or, in fact, the inflammatory type seen in non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). More often than not, though, especially if the problem is one of fermentation in the gut (ie. wind, bloating etc), then it is an issue with the production of either stomach acid or pancreatic enzymes.

Low stomach acid, or hypochlorydia, is a real problem, especially as we age after about forty and you can read more about that here. I’ll cover that more in a future review for you.

Today, let’s consider enzyme production. If you are not breaking foods down very well, you are likely to suffer more sensitivity reactions as there is simply more about in your system to go through that lovely leaky gut! Also, there’s more of a buffet for any hangers-on like candida to feed on! It’s a lot more complex than that, of course, but there are two reasons straight away why it’s important to consider.

You can check your production of pancreatic enzymes in standard stool tests like this or this, for example, but, most often, people trial some enzymes and see how they get on.

And therein lies the rub. Not all enzyme products are created equal and you have to choose well. What you need is a strong enough enzyme product that’s standardised in content, that contains the right enzymes to help with whatever you are wanting to break down more and for it not to have your allergens in. That’s not as easy as you might think – some of my previous favourites turned out to have hidden wheat in despite being marketed for helping to break down gluten!

I have several (new!) favourites and Nutrigold’s Zym-Otic is one of them. It’s gluten, lactose, GM soya and nut free – which presumably means that it may contain casein, other grains and non-GM soya so be aware sometimes of what the label doesn’t say! It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as it is a plant-based enzyme product rather than a glandular, which is normally made from pork or beef.

In terms of enzymes, it is a pretty broad-spectrum product. Here’s their list of the enzymes included. Note the extra targeted help for gluten, lactose, legumes and starches.

  1. Gluten specific proteases – breaks down gluten proteins
  2. Lactase – supports digestion of lactose, a common sugar found in milk
  3. Lipase – supports fat digestion
  4. Alpha galactosidase – hydrolyses raffinose sugars found in legumes, beans and grains that can contribute to bloating and flatulence
  5. Cellulase – supports digestion of cellulose fibres found in fruit and vegetables and chitin, a structural component of the yeast Candida
  6. Phytase – supports digestion of phytic acids from nuts, seeds, grains and cereals, which form insoluble complexes with minerals such as zinc rendering them unavailable for absorption
  7. Bromelain – natural enzyme found in pineapples that supports digestion of proteins
  8. Acid and alkali vegetable proteases – supports digestion of different proteins at different pH
  9. Amylase – supports digestion of starch and glycogen into disaccharides
  10. Amyloglucosidase – supports digestion of starch and gliadin fractions of gluten
  11. Invertase – supports digestion of sucrose

A useful product then and could help give you the relief you seek from bloating but, more importantly, can help you get more nutrients from your food.

Nutrition Tip: Only take enzymes of this type with food, not on an empty stomach. And certainly don’t take enzymes at all if you have something like gastritis or a digestive ulcers anywhere. The best time to take them is just as you serve up your meal so that the enzymes are ready and waiting as the food goes through your digestive tract.

Bonus Tip: try this: cook a bowl of porridge and tip the contents of a capsule of an enzyme product into it. It should digest before your very eyes. I used to do that as a lecture trick; always drew a look of amazement!

Nutrigold Zym-Otic Enzymes are available online costing approximately £21.86 for 60 capsules.



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