Quest Forte D Chewable

Says Micki Rose:

This is a higher dose Vitamin D3 at 4000iu, which is a useful amount for people who need a short-medium term booster. It could be used for longer but I wouldn't recommend someone stays on that level for more than 2-3 months without checking their Vitamin D levels, as you can get too much of a good thing with Vitamin D. Once you have achieved a good level of Vitamin D, you might then need to swap to a lower maintenance level product of about 1000iu per day, or use this product a couple of times a week.

As a chewable product, this is useful for those who can't swallow tablets or capsules. However, as always with a chewable, you do get more 'fillers' and additives, which is the case here. That said, there is nothing too bad or untoward in these standard-type fillers that you don't see in thousands of other supplements, and it is good to see the main sweetener is xylitol which, incidentally, we assume must be from birch since it is not declared as being derived from a gluten grain*. Xylitol is good for teeth generally so nice inclusion in a chewable.

Overall, I think you can get 'cleaner' Vitamin D3 products than this with fewer fillers, but it is a good version of a chewable with a useful amount of the correct Vitamin D3 for optimal supplementation of this crucial element.

Nutrition Tip: Nowadays, I work to the Vitamin D Council's recommendations and aim to see levels of 40-80ug/L or 100-200nmol D3 for adults on test results. Once you hit the mid-upper levels of those ranges, 4000iu may be too high for you. Monitor via your GP or you can get simple but accurate fingerprick tests easily.

Ingredients: xylitol, microcrystalline cellulose, vitamin D3 (with Arabic gum, anti-oxidant: d-α-tocopherol (from soya), tri-calcium phosphate), silicified microcrystalline cellulose, blackcurrant flavour, citric acid anhydrous, magnesium stearate, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide.

*The manfacturer confirms the xylitol used is derived from birch, although this would be useful to see on the packaging.

Cost: approximately £9.95 for 60 tablets, available to buy from The Nutri Centre.

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