Viridian Qi Ribose

Micki Rose says:

Put simply, this is a mixture of sugars and co-factors used by the mitochondria in cells for energy production.

It includes a very useful dose of ribose itself as 3000mg, 300mg of my favourite form of magnesium (citrate), a significant 750mg dose of acetyl-l-carnitine and 250mg of malic acid, all of which combine into a welcome cellular energy-booster.

In a nutshell, the ingredients are designed to assist the production of ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), the major form of energy used in the body. It stands to reason, then, that this might be useful for those with fatigue conditions and to assist in the recovery of chronic ill health, generally.

Traditionally, ATP-boosters like this have been used to assist in energy production and muscle recovery mainly: conditions such as fatigue, whether age-related, chronic or mental, and muscle recovery, as in fibromyalgia (FM), sports recovery or heart conditions.
In clinic, I have seen magnesium and ribose really help recovery after heart attacks and have used magnesium and malic acid combinations for years for muscle recovery and muscle fatigue like FM and restless legs.

The formula is a pure powder, made up of the four ingredients only; no excipients or fillers. I have checked and double-checked that this contains nothing except the ingredients listed – sometimes powders are sprayed onto corn maltodextrin, for example, to help ‘carry’ them, but I am assured this is not the case here.

It is free from wheat, lactose, gluten, soya, added sugar, salt and yeast, although that information, sadly, is not given on the Viridian website, but is on the product label. Incidentally, it is also free from milk/dairy, according to Viridian, as I queried that and they advise they will be changing the label on the next print run.

It’s a soluble formula that has a tangy taste. You can put it in water, juice or smoothie or sprinkle it onto cereal. It’s a form of sugar, don’t forget, so might be a good sugar substitute and pep you up at the same time! Ribose itself is only used in energy production and will not therefore affect blood sugar. Magnesium, in fact, could improve blood sugar, so consider that if you’re on diabetic meds.

Nutrition Tip: Bear in mind this contains a good 300mg dose of magnesium, so add that into your total daily intake if you are taking other supplements. Aim for max 500-600mg magnesium per day or be led by your health professional.

A 180g jar costs approximately £24.95 from the Viridian website, and from independent health shops and online retailers.




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