Viridian Scandinavian Rainbow Trout oil

Micki Rose says:

I was fascinated to see this new fish oil on the block recently. This is a source of fish oils from rainbow trout raised in fresh water, rather than from the usual marine oily fishes. That might be helpful for people sensitive to seafood.

The trout are raised in their normal Scandinavian fresh lakes rather than in the usual floating cages, meaning they can swim freely, building good muscle and fat levels. I checked and they do have a grain-based booster feed and not just fish, which is a shame. I am seeing this a lot more nowadays with fish farming - it shouldn't be a problem, but I have known some people react to the grains in the fish meat and oil, even though there should really be no way to do that. Just bear it in mind if you are super-sensitive to grains. The oil should be pretty fresh as it is processed within hours of the fish being caught and is not heated to high temperature, meaning less oxidation. With it being this fresh, it should also be lower histamine.

The levels of EPA and DHA are not as high as marine fish oil products, but I am advised by Viridian that the essential fatty acids present - which include goodly amounts of omegas 6, 7 and 9 - are what the trout contains naturally; there is no esterification or refining to boost levels. A pure source of fatty acids, then, and a more balanced profile than just buying a standard fish oil.

Happily, this doesn't taste of fish at all. It smells beautifully-citrusy and has no after-taste. Just tastes like a spoonful of oil with a citrus smell. It comes in a lovely canister to protect it from light and is wrapped in acid-free tissue paper to ensure safe delivery - I am a sucker for such careful and beautiful packaging, so this scores brownie points for me! It has been flavoured with orange and lemon oils, which rules it out for citrus-sensitives, of course. Viridian say they plan to look at other flavours if the oil proves popular enough. It is free of the usual soy or synthetic tocopherols and uses rosemary leaf extract instead as an antioxidant. I welcome that.

Overall, I would say this is a good addition to the fish oils market and should appeal to people who want a non-marine source of fatty acids as close to eating the actual trout as you can probably get! All we need now is a non-citrus version and it is a pretty good hypoallergenic product - as long as you're Ok with fish!

Tip: Since this doesn't taste of fish (to me anyway, don't write in!), this could be put into smoothies, used as a salad dressing or drizzled over cooled soup..




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