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Allergic to champagne

Can blood samples from active-CD patients be used to detect residual gluten-fragments in beer? Sue Cane discusses new research by Laura Allred and colleagues which uses blood samples from coeliacs to test whether or not gluten-free beer genuinely is gluten free. March 2017

New truly gluten-free beers hit the shelves
A whole new range of naturally-GF beer is about to hit the market and there’s not a grain of barley in any of it. Rice, quinoa, millet and sorghum give these bottles their malted sweetness, a careful blend of hops their aroma and bitterness. Sue Cane reports. January 2016

Mass spectrometry improves the accuracy of allergen testing with particular relevance to gluten free beer. October 2015

Some Californian wines found to be high in inorganic arsenic. From the Jon Barron blog. March 2015

More probiotics to be found in wine than in yoghurt but they can be destroyed by the sulphites used for preservation. October 2014

83% French wines sampled in study contained phthalates at some level. Article in GreenMedInfo. Septemebr 2014

What are.... low sulphur, no-added-sulphur, organic and biodynamic wines and why may dairy and egg-sensitive people have problems with wines? Thanks to Neil Palmer of Vintage Roots. August 2013

'Sulphite-reducers' in wine do not work – John Lang explains why. July 2013

Discussion on the feasibility of producing genuinely sulphite-free wine. May 2013

RAW wine fair lists sulphite levels for all wines. May 2013

Preservatives made from grape pips may obviate the need for sulphur in wine making. April 2013

New EU regulations on the labelling of allergens in wines. July 2012

The gluten and grain-free nettle beer that the government wants to call wine! Sue Cane reports. April 2012

Judging gluten-free beer for the 2012 FreeFrom Food Awards. Sue Cane reports. March 2012

Discussion of the allergic potential of glycoproteins, tannins and histamine in red wine on the Jon Barron blog. February 2012

Gluten-free beer 2011. How is it made? How is its gluten content tested? And is it really safe for coeliacs? Sue Cane investigates. January 2011

Green's Gluten-Free Beers. Sue Cane talks to Derek Green about his retirement venture! December 2010

Low sulphite and sulphite free wines. John and Jane Lang from Good Wine on Line explain exactly what this means. December 2010

Lactose in your beer?.... March 2010

Gluten-free beers. An assessment. April 2009

Dairy and egg-free wine. Did you know that wine can contain both dairy and egg? Michelle Berriedale-Johnson reports. April 2009

Troublesome tipples. Hayley Tink takes a look at yeast-free wines and other allergens in wine, and some alternatives. July 2008


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Research reports

Traces of ovalbumin and casein detected in white and red wines by quantitative western blotting. August 2015

Enzyme can reduce sulphites in wine. Research here; comment here. February 2015

75% of beer-allergic Chinese appear to be reacting to sorghum. December 2013

Hypoallergenic wines. July 2012

Around 7% of people are intolerant/allergic to wine, according to German study. Comment in Huffington Post. June 2012

Alcohol and smoking can trigger allergic reactions or make allergy symptoms worse. November 2011

Levels of histamine in red wine vary according to the grape type and are not dependent on the quality of the wine. April 2011

Low-allergenic wines could stifle sniffles and sneezes in millions of wine drinkers. November 2010

More dodgy wine! This time it is toxic metals. December 2008

All non-organic wines contaminated with pesticides. December 2008

Sniffly ladies should cut the booze! October 2008

Multiple allergens in wine. June 2007

Towards less allergenic wine. June 2007



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