Nickel and aluminium allergy and intolerance

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Nickel tested hair dye. When it comes to haircare products, it is the act of colouring the hair that carries the greatest risk to those with nickel allergy. On his Allergy Insight blog Alex Gazzola runs through some options for those looking for nickel tested or ‘nickel safe’ hair dye or colouring products.

Nickel in oats — and contact dermatitis.. Interesting post on the Allergy Insight blog looking at nickel in food, especially oats which are so often included in skin care products for those with skin conditions such as eczema. April 2019

Nickel allergy. Dr Janice Joneja discusses its diagnosis and management. February 2014

Nickel sensitives should avoid Blackberry phones as they contain nickel (iPhones and Androids do not). Blackberries also contain cobalt. November 2012

When heavy use of mobile/cell phones wears off the plastic coatings on metallic keypads and other parts, it could be problematic for people with metal sensitivities. November 2012

Nickel-rich 'healthy' foods may exacerbate mild nickel allergy. August 2012

Helpful blog post from What Allergy? on new 5p and 10p coins with higher nickel content. June 2012

Risks of metal allergy in joint replacement, and how to manage them. March 2012

Helpful tips for avoiding contact with nickel in the WhatAllergy? blog. July 2011

Nickel Allergy – an investigation by Sarah Merson. 2008


Research Reports

Sterilisation with Essure may cause problems for those who are nickel sensitive. October 2015

Immunological characterization of the allergic contact mucositis related to the ingestion of nickel-rich foods. July 2014

Nickel content of iPads causes allergic reactions. July 2014

New coins deposit four time as much nickel on the skin and may cause sever problems for those sensitive to nickel. May 2013

Stainless steel crowns not good for those with a nickel allergy. July 2012

Despite the 2009 revision of the EU Nickel Directive, the proportion of mobile phones with significant nickel release remains unchanged, perpetuating this persistent cause of nickel allergy and dermatitis. December 2012

Nickel-free teeth braces are better for people with nickel allergy. November 2011

Excessive consumption of high-nickel foods such as cocoa could signficantly worse nickel-contact dermataitis in nickel sensitive patients. May 2011

Metal snaps on children's clothes are a potential source of nickel sensitisation in very young children and should be avoided. June 2011

Cancer-protective effects seen for type 4 allergies. July 2011

Reactions to nickel extremely rare (well under 0.01%) with the use of Essure permanent birth control implants. July 2011

Vaccinations and allergy shots causing allergies to aluminium. January 2011

Genetic basis for nickel allergy discovered. August 2010

Nickel in phone casings causes contact allergic reactions. January 2010



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