Nickel-free teeth braces are better for people with nickel allergy

A study carried out on forty-two individuals who have a nickel allergy has found that they have better tooth health when treated with nickel-free braces. The group was divided into two groups, one half receiving conventional braces, and one receiving nickel-free braces. The health of the patients’ teeth was assessed before treatment and at 3-month intervals throughout the 12-month study. The researchers, from various orthodontics and dentistry departments of universities in Brazil, found that during the first nine months of the study there was very little difference in the periodontal status between the groups, but in the last 3 months the patients wearing the conventional (not nickel-free) braces had higher gingival index scores than those wearing nickel-free braces.

Source: The Angle Orthodontist

First published in November 2011

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