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Glyphosphate (Roundup) and Autism – MIT researcher shows alarming correlation between the sue of Roundup and the increase in the incidence of autism. July 2014

Gluten sensitivity biomarker coming soon. Interview on with Dr. Alessio Fasano who is confident that a clinical trial now underway will pinpoint a biological marker for non-celiac gluten sensitivity, and that discovery should pave the way for the development of diagnostic tests for the condition. If such a marker is identified it could help to clarify the controversial relationship between gluten sensitivity and autism and identify which autistic children might benefit from a gluten-free diet. January 2013

Does autism start in the womb? Discussion of the theory that in at least one third of cases, autism is an autoimmune disorder that starts in August. August 2012

Could autism be caused by an altered intestinal ecosystem? Discussion by Professors Finegold and Borody at the Autism One conference. May 2012

Immune dysfunction during pregnancy and after birth may play a role in the development of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Presentation from 20th European Congress of Psychiatry. March 2012

Autism, Allergy and Chemicals – Albert F. Robbins, D.O., MSPH. September 2011

How smart meters may cause autism and cancer. A new paper from Dr Andrew Goldsworthy. 2011

Autism, inflammation and nutrition – interesting speculation on the role of inflammation and poor maternal nutrition in autism – with particular reference to the increased rate of autism in second children when the pregnancies are closely spaced. April 2011

Autism and vaccination – two articles in the Age of Autism one covering Andrew Wakefield's address at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, the other covering the increasing evidence linking vaccinations of all kinds (not just MMR) to autistic spectrum disorders. June 2011

Autism and Electromagnetic Radiation – a presentation from parents of children with ASD. 2011

How electromagentically-induced cell leakage may cause autism. Dr Andrew Goldsworthy. May 2011

Autism – the role of the oral contraceptive and the MMR vaccine. Drs Andrew Wakefield and Ellen Grant. March 2011

New autism consortium study proves (again) that inherited genes don’t cause autism - a lengthy article in the Age of Autism web news suggests that all the recent hype about the discovery of autism-causing genes is just that and not based on fact. July 2010

Hepatitis B vaccine could triple risk of autism in infant boys. September 2009

Could Vitamin D deficiency be a cause of autism? 2009

More 'autism genes' identified - but they may not hold the entire answer. 2009

New Evidence on MMR/autism link: A report on the controversial behaviour of the British government when presented with convincing research of the links between MMR and autism. John Scott 2006

Autism – an allergic disease: Brief accounts of the research presented by doctors and professors in the areas linking food allergy and autism at a conference in 2004

Diet Allergy and Nutrition in ADHD and Autism: Diet, the only area of autism causes not medically studied, is here explained by five experts, along with related digestive disorders. 2001


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Research Reports


Identifying which type of autism might respond best to helminthic therapy. Italian researchers suggest that there may be two subtypes of autism, inflammatory ASD (I-ASD) and non-inflammatory-ASD (NI-ASD).
Those subjects with inflammatory ASD are likely to exhibit chronic and/or recurrent sino-pulmonary infection, asthma and persistent GI symptoms with high frequency non-IgE mediated food allergy. Those with this subtype are also more likely to have a better response to antinflammatory therapies than are those with non-inflammatory ASD.
"Significant results" have been observed over a 4-5 year period in 70% of subjects with the inflammatory form of ASD who took the pig whipworm prouct, TSO, in its original pH2.7 form, and the improvements observed were not only in the quality of stool and control of allergic symptoms, but also in improved behaviour and cognitive skills. May 2015

Ritual circumcision linked to increased risk of autism and hyperactivity in young boys, possibly connected with the pain endured during circumcision even when pain relief is used. January 2015

Depression, anxiety and reduced stress resilience can occur in individuals with persistently raised circulating levels of biomarkers of inflammation in the absence of clinically apparent peripheral inflammatory disease. Poorly regulated inflammation during pregnancy might contribute to brain developmental abnormalities that underlie some cases of autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia. The gut microbiota drive immunoregulation and faulty immunoregulation and inflammation predispose to psychiatric disease. December 2014

Iron intake during pregnancy might be associated with autism risk in the infant. September 2014

Research suggests gut microbes impact autism. July 2014

Study confirms mitochondrial deficits in children with autism. May 2014

Higher rate of siezure among children with autism who were fed soya rather than milk infant formula. March 2014

Autism and inflammation – lengthy list of source material for the link between the two from Moises Velsquez-Manoff. August 2012

Common flame retardant linked to social, behavioural and learning deficits, and autism. February 2012

Scientists have prepared a list of ten chemicals considered likely to contribute to autism, learning disabilities and related conditions. April 2012

Does high-fructose corn syrup contribute to a rise in autism. April 2012

Further evidence that autism linked to immune system problems. April 2012

Epidemic of autism amongst US children may be associated with the typical American diet which could interfere with the body's ability to eliminate toxic chemicals. April 2012

Disturbed levels of cytokines, suggesting a disturbed immune system, found in the plasma of children with autism disorder: in particular, five related to the T-helper cell immune system and three involved in hematopoiesis. April 2012

Low birthweight appears to be an important environmental factor contributing to the risk of autism. January 2012

Exposure to antidepressants in early pregnancy may increase the risk of autism spectrum. July 2011

83 cases of vaccine-associated autism compensated in US Federal Vaccine Court. May 2011

Common genetic cause of autism and epilepsy discovered. April 2011

>Children with autism have mitochondrial dysfunction. November 2010

Mercury a causative factor in ASD? 2010

New study links MMR and autism. June 2010

Could IVF be linked to autism? July 2010

The Vitamin D Council offers comprehensive information on the role of vitamin D deficiency in autism including a large collection of research reports.

Better genetic test for autism? Chromosomal Microarray Analysis picks up more abnormalities than current tests. March 2010

One in 91 US children may have ASD, report suggests. October 2009

Anti-vaccine stand based on research. April 2009

Fish may be brain food for teenage boys. April 2009

Breastfeeding associated with decreased childhood behavioural problems. November 2008

People with and carriers of fragile X syndrome are likely to have additional conditions. October 2008

The possibility and probability of a gut-to-brain connection in autism. December 2009

Direct link between autism and vaccine uptake – Yokahama. February 2010

Could the use of paracetamol in late pregnancy and early childhood increase the risk of subsequently acquiring childhood asthma and allergic disorders as well as increasing the risk for autism in susceptible individuals? August 2009

Autism could be linked mother’s autoimmune disease. October 2009

A prospective study of prenatal mercury exposure from maternal dental amalgams and autism severity. David A. Geier, Janet K. Kernand Mark R. Geier. 2009

Autism and vinyl flooring - is there a link? July 2009

Is autism and schizophrenia caused by competition between maternal and paternal genes? March 2009

Gene variant associated with both autism and gastro-intestinal function. March 2009

The rise in West Coast autism investigated. February 2009

Women who take the epilepsy drug valproate while pregnant may significantly increase their child's risk of developing autism. December 2008

Link found between nicotine addiction and autism. November 2008

Unusual use of toys In infancy could be a clue to later autism. November 2008

Children living in high-precipitation areas more likely to have autism. November 2008

Deficient cholesterol: a common new factor in autism. November 2008

Toxic metals and autism. October 2008

The Lyme-Autism connection. October 2008

Gene-related language delay in autism. August 2008

Disrupted communication networks in brain lead to autism's social struggles. July 2008

Further evidence for genetic contribution to autism discovered by Caltech and UNC research. July 2008

Autism could be caused by failure to trigger genes in early brain development. July 2008

US Court recognises the link between vaccines and autism. June 2008

Autism and Lyme disease are connected. July 2008

Very low birth weight may raise risk of autism. April 2008

Agricultural pesticide and autism. April 2008

Leaky gut autism theory doubted. March 2008

Clues to autism found in sticky blood protein. March 2008

Mothers' antibodies may lead to autism. Febuary 2008

Research pinpoints deficits in the autistic brains that could aid more precise diagnoses and perhaps improve treatment of ASD. February 2008

New imaging technique shows that the the brains of autistic children have a greater mass of grey matter. November 2007

Brain cell communication - protein imbalance. September 2009

Autism and vitamin D deficiency. September 2009

Increased white matter in the brain linked to poor motor skills in children with autism. July 2007

Could the father’s age be a risk factor for autism? May 2007

Autism genes revealed. April 2007

Early childhood TV viewing may trigger autism. April 2007

Autistic brains have fewer neurons. January 2007

Autism / cholesterol link? January 2007

New evidence on MMR/autism link. September 2006

Immunity and Autism. July 2006

Can vaccines affect central nervous system function? May 2006


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