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Google’s Loon project – and further musings on electromagnetic sensitivity - Michelle Berreidale-Johnson blog post Decemebr 2015

Video by electrosensitve Australian research scientist, Dr David McDonald on winnning compensation through the Australian courts for injury from electromeagentic radiation in the workplace. Courtesy of Latitudes. May 2014

Electromagnetic radiation and health: evidence, diagnosis and management. Conference organised by the British Society of Ecological Medicine – 7th March 2014

Very lengthy article on the Between and Rock and a Hard Place blog on the 2014 World Cancer Report's total failure to include electromagnetic radiation as a possible/probable cause of the stratospheric rise in the incidence of cancer world wide. For the evidence of the latter see page 8 onwards. March 2014

Electrical sensitivities and the electrical environment. An excellent introductory overview by Dr Cyril Smith who has worked with electrically hypersensitive patients at the Breakspear Hospital for many years. November 2013

Lengthy article in the Guardian Weekend featuring a number of ES sufferers and comments from experts both pro and anti. Also see a short film of some of the interviews. March 2013.

The emergence of electrosensitivity. A retired GP puts the 'new' condition of electrosensitivity into perspective. December 2012

Two in-depths articles in The Ecologist on the health risks, to both humans and wildlife of smartphones (October 2012) and of wifi (2007).

Why MRI scanners may not be good news for those who are electrosensitive. 09/11

The Dutch Knowledge Platform has just produced a comprehensive report on electrosensitivity, accompanied by more concise summary of the report that addresses physicians and health workers and advises them on how to deal with and help patients who claims that EMFs make them ill. 09/12

Electromagnetic pollution and electromagnetic stress. Dr Andrew Tressider asks whether we are at risk of suffering the fate of the Roman Empire which was destroyed by its own improved technology – lead pipes. Could the DNA damage caused by uncontrolled electromagnetic pollution do the same to the civilisation of the 21st century? 07/12

Could the discovery of magnetic 'sensors' in fish and in pigeons – and in rats – be relevant to the humasn sensitivity to electrosmog? 07/12

Serious recognition for Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) as a genuine illness.

The Italian Associanzione Malattie da Intossicazione Cronica e/o Ambietale (AMICA) is lobbying members of the European Parliament as part of their campaign to have Electrosensitivity (EHS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) recognised by the World Health Organsiation (WHO). 05/12

'Worrying about wireless' refuted. A lengthy critique from Electromagnetic Health of an article in the Economist(3rd September 2011) suggesting that concerns over EMR are being exaggerated. 12/11

Specific types of weak electromagnetic (EM) fields are able to stabilise cancerous tumours. An article in Microwave News describing various different research trials. 12/11

Brian Stein on Electromagnetic Sensitivity. Two very good introductory videos by Brian Stein, a trustee of both the Radiation Research Trust and ES-UKPart 1 and Part 2 11/11

ES-UK conference – September 2011 – Frances Dale reports

'Electromagnetic Fields Intolerance is a physical illness based on objective tests' – Professor Dominique Belpomme's conclusion based on the clinical observation of 450 patients over a 3 year period. 09/11

EHS sufferers living at the EHS refuge at Foussais-Payré in the Vendée in France went on hunger strike recently when the local telecoms company threatened to install phone masts near the refuge. (The hunger strike has now been called off as the telecoms company has agreed to talks.) In support of their cause, Professor Olle Johannson wrote this interesting letter outlining the position for those who are electrosensitive in Sweden where the condition is recognised as a 'functional impairment'.

Useful video presenatations on various aspects of eletromagnetic radiation are to be found on the IEMFA (International EMF Alliance) website here.

Karolinska Institute accused of stifling academic research that conflicts with sponsors' interests. A long and very interesting article about the politics behind research into electromagnetic radiation and the effects it has on health. June 2011

Seletun Statement 2011:The International Electromagnetic Fields Alliance (IEMFA) – a global collaboration of over fifty health advocacy groups focused on electromagnetic fields – www.iemfa.org – published report and scientific Consensus Statement concerning health hazards of electromagnetic fields. 02/11

Global support for scientist at the forefront of research into the health effects of electromagnetic radiation – 2010 – by John Weigel of WEEP (Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution News)

More concerns about the safety of airport scanners

The dangers of microchippping – both for humans and animals

The link between ES and pesticide poisining. A very intersting suggestion from 1997

ES and EMS provocation test failures – Michael Bevington – 02/10 Courtesy of ES-UK.

Radiation avoidance tactics – steer clear of airports and doctors… Frances Dale explains

Could wireless optical transmission offer a viable alternative to wireless radio transmission? A Science Daily report from research at Penn State University. 01/10

Microwave technology: a twenty-first century Trojan horse: an in depth investigation into microwave technology and its many hazards - John Scott - 2008 - Updated 2010

Skin tightening technique spells danger for electrosensitives

From boon to bane – electricty today. Roderick Canning's in depth history of the growth of electrosmog over the last 50 years, its far reaching population-wide effects on both physcial and mental well-being and the threat it poses to wild-life, the environment and our children.

Recent presentations (2008-9) by Professor Denis Henshaw of the Human Radiation Effects Group at the HH Wills Physics Laboratory in Bristol.

Concern over low level radiation risk from nuclear power stations

Ionising radiation, electrical hypersenstivity and geomagnetic reversals – Some thoughts from Andrew Goldswsorthy at the ES-UK meeting in October 2009

Good, but not perfect, in Sweden - 2009

Science Direct - Volume 16, Issues 2-3 Electromagentic Fields Special Issue.
EMF effects on DNA; effects on the brain; in the environment; guide to public policy. 18 papers - previews and full papers. August 2009.

Metal underwires in bras can act as an antenna attracting electromagnetic fields. Side comment in article from Dr Mercola site suggesting that certain bras can be a cause of cancer. 2009

ARTAC (the Association for Research and Treatments against Cancer) has established diagnostic criteria for EHS. 2009

Some comments on the ES/MCS fall out from different types of dental fillings - from Debbie Taylor (courtesy of ES UK) andholistic dentist Adam Sapera. 2009

Homeopath Patty Hemmingway discusses Dr George Carlo's diagnosis and proposed treatment for ES - 2009

Comprehensive listing of ES sites worldwide supplied by the French site www.next-up.org - 2009

Electromagnetic loads: lead to cancer, concentration problems, ADD, tinnitus, migraines, insomnia, arrhythmia, Parkinson’s and even back pain - Camilla Rees for ElectromagneticHealth.org 2009

Florida governor proclaims May 2009 as EMS awareness month

Radiation Research Trust Conference 2008
Courtesy ES-UK

Electromagentic Sensitivity (ES) - what is going on - and how it might be treated – 2008
Dr George Carlo, head of the US Safe Wireless Initiative, describes his and his colleagues’ work on the underlying pathology of ES and the treatment protocol they are evaluating and which they hope may be able to reverse the condition. Michelle Berriedale-Johnson reports.

Electro-hypersensitivity - the position in Sweden - Professor Olle Johansson

Electromagnetic sensitivity: a first-hand account of the devastating effects of a little known condition – Dr Carlos Sosa 2008

ICEMS resolution 2008 - a further resolution following on from the Benevento Resolution (below) signed by nearly 50 international scientists strongly advising limited use of cell phones by children and teenagers, and calling upon governments to apply the Precautionary Principle as an interim measure while standards are developed to protect against the absorption of electromagnetic energy and their adverse effects biochemistry, physiology and electrical biorhythms.

Problems with laboratory EMF experiments - the need to derive robust research approaches that avoid simplification whilst revealing the true nature of exposure environments. Andy Davidson

Benevento Resolution 2006 - a resolution signed by 30 international scientists to assist in the promotion of EMF research and the development of strategies to protect public health through the wise
application of the precautionary principle.

In depth interview with energy medicine practitioner Ingrid Dickenson covering extremely low frequencies, sleep disruption, wifi, digital radio/TV and tetra masts. 2006.

Electrical sensitivity: a growing global concern - a series of articles/research reports published in Latitudes, the journal of the US Association for Comprehensive NeuroTherapy. Includes children and mobile phones, overview of the condition and the possible association with autism.

Chemical and Electrical Sensitivity: A case study of a sufferer from ‘environmental’ sensitivity – and the positive results gained from persevering to find the cause and cure – Dr Lisa Nagy 2006

In depth interview with Dr Robert Becker (author of Cross Currents,the Perils of Electropollution published in 1990)who believes that 'at this present time the greatest polluting element in the earth's environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields'

First Published in May 2000

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Research Reports


Why children absorb more microwave radiation than adults: The consequences. July 2014

Simultaneous recordings of heart rate variability, microcirculation and electric skin potentials, used for classification of EHS, should allow reserachers to distinguish "genuine" electromagnetic hypersensitive individuals from those who suffer from other conditions. September 2013

High-level electromagnetic fields can disturb learning – 07/11

Digital mammography is more efficient and delivers lower dose of radiation than standard film mammography – 01/10

Electro-magnetic load is a h

idden factor in many illnesses

European Parliament Environment and Health Action Plan 2004-2010

Correlation found between mobile phones masts and sleep disturbance

Sensitivity to Non-Ionising Radiation in Ireland - a small study of electro-sensitives, carried out by the Irish Doctors Environmental Association, demosntraitng the delibitating effects of the condition.



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