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The vaccination/MMR debate rumbles on but more alarming is the 'ASIA' syndrome delineated by Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld which suggests a strong association between the aluminium and silicone adjuvants used in most vaccines and the recent escalation in automimmune conditions.


While responding to one of the many people who email us with questions about food intolerance, we came across this excellent article by the late and much lamented Dr Harry Morrow Brown. We thought that it really deserved another airing.

Worm doctor

Breads and breakfast cereals are often fortified and there has been a recent concern that because many freefrom products do not receive such fortification, the allergic consumer is missing out. But what sort of fortification should you use? Christine Bailey offers some insight into the folic acid fortification debate.

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Cost cutting measures being imposed by some Clinical Commissioning Groups may mean that allergen-free infant formula, such as Neocate, may no longer be available on prescription. Nathalie Newman explains what is at stake and what you can do.

Another person's poison

Prince William tells the Guild of Health Writers about the new royal Heads Together initiative as part of an fascinating seminar on the epidemic increase in anxiety, especially among young people.


Not so simple, or so romantic, if you have a food allergy....
Kate looks at some of the research around allergic reactions that have been triggered by a kiss.


Cooking for a coeliac when you know nothing about gluten free cooking can be very difficult. Michelle Berridale-Johnson has some tips and ideas – a video, an article and some recipe suggestions.


Jenny Tschiesche is a nutritionist and the founder of The Lunch Box Doctor. As most allergy parents will know, creating healthy and appealing lunch boxes for allergic kids can be somewhat of a nightmare. Jenny gives us some guidelines, makes some specific suggestions and even includes a recipe.


'The standard of the entries just keeps on getting better. Indeed, so good are they now that ‘freefrom' foods are often the first choice for foodies who, a few years ago, would not have given them the time of day!’ To see what all of these wonderful foods are, check in to the awards site.