An introduction to food allergy and intolerance: difficult to diagnose, unrecognised by so many health professionals, but that does not mean that it cannot ruin your life! Michelle Berriedale-Johnson explains the issues and what you can do about them. Video discussion and article.


New guidance from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases suggests that, to reduce the chances of at risk children developing peanut allergy, they should start to eat peanuts from four months onwards. Blog post discussing the background to this advice.

Worm doctor

Doyenne of Italian cooking, Anna del Conte, has, in her 91st year, turned her attention to freefrom! The result is a lovely little book of Primi, first courses – pasta, rice, pulses and soups all of which are gluten free and nearly all of which are also dairy free. Buy on Amazon, both as an ebook and printed book – or take up our special offer here £7.99 for the printed book with free postage within the UK.


Alex Gazzola checks out the best and worst last year including Morrison's great ad, Anna del Conte's new freefrom book (see above), Sainsbury's 'Gary' and GlutenFreeB's brilliant 'Fruit is not a Pudding' campaign.


Nathalie is well prepped for managing her son, Callum's anaphylactic reactions to foods but never dreamt that she would find herself having to manage her own dramatic reaction first to an antibiotic and then to an antihistamine designed to combat the reaction!

Worm doctor

At the recent Anaphylaxis Campaign Healthcare Professionals Conference Dr Matt Doyle talked about the increased awareness of allergy in primary care and Dr Paul Turner talked about anaphylaxis to food, and its management. For many more articles on anaphylaxis and its management see here.

Another person's poison
FreeFrom demonstrations from Food Matters Live

Following on from the presentation of the FreeFrom Eating Out Awards last month, we staged three demonstrations by top freefrom chefs.
Watch Paul Gayler, originator of Vegetarian Haute Cuisine, demonstrating delicious rice based dishes and Dominic Teague, executive chef at Indigo at one Aldwych and winner of the FFEOA Pathfinder Award, demonstrating two of the dishes currently on the Indigo menu. Still to come, Chef Mark Kennet from last year's winners, Oscar & Bentley's.


Following on from our introduction to milk allergy in the last issue, here we go with a very similar introduction to egg allergy. Both a video and an article.


We check out how all of those alternative non-dairy milks actually work when you don your barrista's hat and make that all important cappuccino!

Google Loon

The second of our introductions to a major allergy. (The first, peanuts, went up some months ago.) The introductions are designed for those new to the allergy but we hope that even those who are old hands may find a few useful hints. They come both as videos and as articles.