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This section of the Foodsmatter site looks at coeliac (celiac) disease and other food-related digestive disorders.

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Cooking for a coeliac when you know nothing about gluten free cooking can be very difficult. Michelle Berridale-Johnson has some tips and ideas – a video, an article and some recipe suggestions.


A whole new range of naturally-GF beer is about to hit the market and there’s not a grain of barley in any of it. Rice, quinoa, millet and sorghum give these bottles their malted sweetness, a careful blend of hops their

aroma and bitterness. Sue reports....


It’s common for coeliacs to feel bad when invited out to eat – our interpersonal relationships are affected when we can’t participate in that important social act of sharing food. Read more...


Catherine Rose does not look as though she suffers from depression, does she? But 'black cloud days' can sometimes snuff her right out – if she allows her gluten sensitivity to affect her nutrient absorption.

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