Electromagnetic sensitivity (ES)

Electrosensitivity or hypersensitivity is believed by an increasing number of scientists to be to the greatest health threat facing the 21st century. The truly staggering increase in the levels of 'electrosmog' or electro magnetic radiation in which we all live is causing major and probably irreversible damage to cell function in all of us. Most worryingly, the damage is likely to be greatest in our children whose immature brains and immune systems are less able to cope with the electromagnetic assault.

For a very brief video introduction to electrosensitivity by Professor Olle Johasson of the Karolinka Institute in Sweden, one of the leading scientists working in this area, click here.

This area of the site includes a tiny fraction of the research material now available logging the increase in electrosmog and its likely health outcomes. We have tried to divide it into fairly manageable sections but there will, inevitably, be considerable overlap. We also include a number of suggestions as to how to minimise exposure and manage sensitivities if you are already sensitised and report on some of the very positive moves elsewhere in the world, especially in Europe, to reduce levels of electrosmog, which, sadly, are not, as yet at least, being implemented in the UK.

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For a good visual introduction to the subject watch this video from Dr Erica Mallery Blythe.

Excellent new website on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity from the daughter of legendary jazz musician, Quincy Jones. June 2017
Jolie Jones is ES and has been for nearly 10 years. She has now launched an excellent and very accessible new site explaining the science, the dangers and the risks to which we are subjecting out children and grandchildren, whatever about ourselves.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity – A Summary by Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe.
Dr Mallery-Blythe's working document from 2014 give an excellent overview of the condtion.

For a more detailed investigation of the science read Andrew Goldsworthy's Some facts about cell phone radiation.

For a good general introduction to the subject, read John Scott's article Microwave technology: a 21st century Trojan horse.

For an excellent in depth history of the growth of electrosmog over the last 50 years, its far reaching population-wide effects on both physcial and mental well-being and the threat it poses to wild-life, the environment and our children, Roderick Canning's From boon to bane – electricty today.

For a week-by-week roudup of news and research related to Electromagnetic fields (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) see www.electromagnetichealth.org.

ES-UK have a huge range of articles and research material related to ES all of which can be accessed here.

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