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The Nightingale Trust for nutritional support

Pam Harris, who many readers will remember from her days in charge of our children’s club, has been heavily involved in the formation of the Nightingale Trust, a new charity created to help with the nutritional care of seriously ill and malnourished patients.

Up to 40% of in patients in UK hospitals are under-nourished but their nutritional need is seldom recognised and rarely met. Other patients may be unable to take food by mouth as a result of a stroke, a head injury or major gut surgery.

Yet others (Pam herself and several Foods Matter readers) are unable, as a result of allergies and intolerances, to ingest sufficient ‘normal’ food to maintain adequate nutrition.

Through education, research and financial support the Nightingale Trust hopes to be able to help all of such people.

For more information – or to donate to the trust – contact Pam Harris at 3 Ashfields, Deeping Gate, Peterborough PE6 9AL

First published in January 2009

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